Exercise, who me?

I just read a staggering statistic:  80% of Americans do not meet exercise recommendations!  80 percent!!  I am looking towards helping people meet their New Years goals, and yes exercise and weight loss are at the top.  I was stunned when I found this statistic.  My big problem with both exercise and weight loss for New Year’s goals is that the goals start to lofty, or have no plan.  For exercise, you have to start small.  Ok, not as small as you are thinking!  You have to start with something that won’t hurt you and will build towards something.  If you want to start running, but you don’t walk every day, you guessed it  : Just start walking.  That’s it, start to walk.  20 minutes per day is a good benchmark.  Then see how you feel and after a  few weeks, or until walking becomes a habit, then strap on your running shoes.  It’s simple, but it isn’t.  Don’t beat yourself up because you aren’t running.  Remember, walking is exercise, it really is!  And if you have a hard time being consistent with walking, be honest. you really won’t get to running.  Overall the years I have been treating people I have seen time and again,  people start out too fast, get hurt and never get to that new “you” that they had planned.  It’s sad because it didn’t have to happen.

So, if you are going to be better than 80% of your fellow Americans, look at your exercise goals and map out the steps on how you’ll get there.  We are always here to help you outline that path to better, faster, stronger, younger, leaner.  Speaking of lean, we’ll talk about weight loss soon!

yours in better health,

Dr. Joe


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