The Power of Choice

I regularly hear patients comment that their pain or health condition is part of “getting old” or it “runs in the family”.  I’m sorry, but I refuse to accept this thinking.  Unfortunately, this sort of thinking has become a common and dangerous thought pattern. In fact, I think that we are taught to accept this by all the ads for common medications.  Maybe I have just seen too much over the course of my life to fall for this.  We always have the power of choice.  I have worked with so many patients who really had a good excuse to not get up in the morning.  No one would have blamed them.  But they made a choice to live differently.  Remember, we always have the power of choice.  To think otherwise is to give up and let circumstances take control of our destiny.

I’m reminded of a series of Dennis Hopper commercials, (I know, I’m dating myself!), where he exclaims that “60 is the new 40” and that “we don’t turn our dreams over to the authorities at 60, you find someone who believes in your dreams.”  It’s all about attitude and what we choose to accept for our life. I’d much rather be in the driver’s seat than be a passenger.

In a classic book by Dr. Seuss, Oh, The Places You’ll go it reads:

you have brains in your head

you have feet in your shoes.

You can steer yourself

Any direction you choose.

What better truth to give children and remind adults who have forgotten this principle.

Jean Nidech, Founder of Weight Watchers, said: “It’s choice, not chance that determines our destiny.”  If we look at life as a series of choices and endless opportunity, we can create anything we can imagine.  I have witnessed many miracles with patients that have achieved success in health beyond what I could have imagined, only because they were committed to getting well.  What I or my team did was only part of the equation.  These patients achieved their goals because they refused to let their lives be ruled by their symptoms of their insurance company. These patients chose to remain positive, kept their appointments, drank more water, ate more vegetables, limited processed foods, took their supplements, exercised regularly, managed their stress better and many other positive life choices.  When you are ready to take charge of your life, (and why not just do it now??), call my office at 207-878-3030..  The power of choice can bring the power back to your life!


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