Spinal Decompression in Portland, Maine

Consider Spinal Decompression before Spinal Surgery

Is spinal decompression a good alternative to surgery?

You can’t let your back pain slow you down. But if you’ve been dealing with pain for a while, you might be relying on medications to control your pain, which is never a good long term solution. Or you might be considering surgery, which requires a long recovery period. Instead, ask Dr. Hayes if spinal decompression therapy is a good alternative for you.

With spinal decompression, you simply lie on your back while the machine pulls your extremities, creating a vacuum along the sponge-like discs of your spine. Results on spinal decompression therapy vary nationally. But at Integrative Chiropractic, after serving thousands of patients nationwide, we have a strong track record of relieving symptoms and restoring mechanical function to patients who were otherwise considered surgical candidates.

So before you decide surgery is your only option, talk to Dr. Hayes. He can help you discover alternatives to relieve your pain and return you to an active, healthy lifestyle.