It’s the twenty-third of April, two thousand and twenty as I write this. The world is in a complete state of flux and America is as screwed up as anyone has ever seen it. People are extra kind, people are extra rude. My wife was yelled at by a stranger in the supermarket because she didn’t realize that the aisle was one way. My wife didn’t understand what the woman was yelling about because she was so far away. But for whatever reason, this woman felt she needed to yell at a perfect stranger.

My son and I were in a nursery last week where a woman pressed herself against a table as we walked by. She did it in a very pronounced manner as If we were carrying someone on a stretcher. I was even wearing a mask. People are more fearful than I have ever seen them. I don’t know if you would believe how many pandemics I have seen in my life, but I have never seen fear like this.

What is absolutely crazy about someone yelling at a stranger in a grocery store, someone pressing themselves against a table is that these people actually think they are doing the right thing. These people really think that being healthy comes from avoiding everything that might make them ill.

Please know that I am not saying we should not be wise and take precautions during the pandemic. I am just reminded of a time in my life where I was given the option of NOT working with an AIDS patient. This was in a home care situation, but I was given the option by the agency I worked for. I was shocked because these people knew that you didn’t catch AIDS by magic. You had to do something to get it. I wasn’t worried because I knew how to avoid getting AIDS in this situation.

We need to get real about this threat, we need to do something about it. The government isn’t going to protect us. What we need to do is GET HEALTHY!

So besides wearing a mask and bathing in a toxic cleaner, what are your plans for this? Are you healthy? How are you supporting your immune system? Are you taking the right supplements, eating the right food, at an optimal weight, getting the right exercise, keeping your headspace contented?

Healthy people rarely get sick. We have all been exposed in one way or another to this virus, but we have fought it off or had a mild case. How mild, depends on how healthy we were to start. Are we really going to give our health and well being over to the government? Isn’t it time for us to look at ourselves and take charge?

Years ago, I chose to work with an AIDS patient because I had the knowledge that I wasn’t going to get AIDS based on how I acted in that situation. Now we know how to act, but are we going to get real about our health. Most of us of a certain age have had some type of injury or illness that has left us less than 100%. Does that mean we stop living? We do the best we can, move on and then LIVE LIFE! We adapt to our situation and then hopefully go for it. Because life is so short, going for it is the best choice.

So, what do you need to do to be healthy enough that you don’t fear walking beside someone in a supermarket, to not fear that your local beach is no longer, “safe”? The choices are yours and so is your life.

Give up, or get real. That’s it. Please know I am not saying to do anything that you know will expose yourself unnecessarily. But the virus is out there. The reality is, the healthier you are, the easier you are going to defeat it. We never won any type of battle by avoiding it. We figured out how to defeat an enemy. We won by being stronger or smarter. I say it’s time to do both.