Five ways to easily boost your immune system

Want to boost your immune system with a simple exercise program? Number one tip is to walk. That’s it, just walking a few times per week will boost your system and help you fight off “bugs” that are out to get you!Number two, stay hydrated! Most people think they are hydrated, but a recent study […]

Covid-19, it’s time to get real!

It’s the twenty-third of April, two thousand and twenty as I write this.  The world is in a complete state of flux and America is as screwed up as anyone has ever seen it.  People are extra kind, people are extra rude.  My wife was yelled at by a stranger in the supermarket because she […]

How do I eat healthy this Thanksgiving?

Well, the quick answer is: You don’t! Not really, but you have to be prepared, both mentally and physically. I’m of two minds on this. You can prep and have your own Thanksgiving meal, with everything under your control. The issue is that for most of us, Thanksgiving is about getting together and eating with […]

How are your habits, lately?

A funny thing happened in our kitchen recently:  We put in a new faucet.  Not that funny on the face of it, but it had a different design than our last faucet.  We have to turn the hot and cold water on with a different fixture.  It seems more set up for a left-handed person.  My wife and son […]

Just get started….

I am asked, (almost daily) what is the best exercise.  My short answer:   The exercise that you will do.  My long answer is, well longer.  I have my favorites and I have my least favorites.  The problem with exercise is keeping at it.  Exercise has to be ever so convenient or ever so enjoyable/fun.  If […]

You have to be prepared or you have to be creative

As I sit here it is pouring rain outside.  I mean cats and dog raining!  And there is still ice left on the ground.  If your new year’s resolution was to walk, jog or run, today is a tough day.  So what do you do to get your goals on?  Get on the treadmill, your […]

The Power of Choice

I regularly hear patients comment that their pain or health condition is part of “getting old” or it “runs in the family”.  I’m sorry, but I refuse to accept this thinking.  Unfortunately, this sort of thinking has become a common and dangerous thought pattern. In fact, I think that we are taught to accept this […]

New Years Resolutions? Heck Yes! But with a caveat….

It’s that time of year again.  People always ask me if I believe in setting New Years Resolutions.  I ALWAYS take advantage of any opportunity to make my life better.  If setting a goal at this time of year works for you, why wouldn’t you?  Remember that everything you have ever accomplished in your life started […]

Exercise, who me?

I just read a staggering statistic:  80% of Americans do not meet exercise recommendations!  80 percent!!  I am looking towards helping people meet their New Years goals, and yes exercise and weight loss are at the top.  I was stunned when I found this statistic.  My big problem with both exercise and weight loss for […]