As I sit here it is pouring rain outside. I mean cats and dog raining! And there is still ice left on the ground. If your new year’s resolution was to walk, jog or run, today is a tough day. So what do you do to get your goals on? Get on the treadmill, your elliptical, or your exercise bike. Throw on your rain gear and put on some crampons and use your walking stick. But wait, what if I don’t have those things in my house? That’s where preparation comes in.

When you look at what you have set out for the next years goals, you have to look at what may hold you back, and what will spur you on. If your goal is the above, you know that some days will be like today–cold, rainy or snowing. I don’t have crampons for my shoes, but I do have several pairs of boots for the rain and or snow. I do have my share of exercise equipment so I can stay in and work out. I am prepared for what will keep me from exercising. I wasn’t always, but I have slowly collected pieces of exercise equipment. it also keeps me from getting bored, but that’s another topic.

So until you are prepared, you have to be creative. Call around and see if a gym has a free one month or low-cost first-month membership. Find a friend who will let you use their treadmill. Better yet, find a friend who will GIVE you a treadmill! Find some wild video on youtube and dance for thirty minutes. Just do something so you get your blood pumping and stay on task towards your goal. Get creative about getting your heart rate up: March in place, run in place, jump rope. Better yet, jump rope in front of a window so your neighbors will look on in amazement. The point is: Don’t let this day get you off your goals and certainly don’t let it get you down.

Then start searching for free or used exercise equipment. Admittedly, this is a bad time of year with everyone starting new years resolutions. But they will remember you wanted it when they are doing spring cleaning. If you are going to keep on walking or doing something outside, get serious. Get some crampons, really great boots, and warm and protective clothing. We live in snowshoe country, pick up a pair. Learn to cross country ski.

So, if you aren’t prepared. be creative today. I already know you are amazing, let the world see it too!